Dust Collectors

Round filter with pre-cyclone for fiber material

PFDR circular filters are principally used in pneumatic medium-pressure conveying systems.

The filter is divided into 3 main sections:

1. Pre-separator in the form of a simple cyclone with tangential unpurified gas inlet.
2. Filter hose housing (unpurified gas chamber).
3. Clean gas head with in-base hose holder, membrane valves, and electronic controls.

Chips or dust particles are conveyed to the filter via the tangential inlet on the pre-separator by a pneumatic conveying system. The pre-separator has an integrated pilot cone and extracts the bulk of the mass flow. The dust components accumulate at the filter tubes drawn over the supported baskets.
The filter tubes are cleaned with compressed air via diaphragm valves and lances.
A pressure difference warning device, in conjunction with an electronic timer, ensures that the filter is only cleaned when a certain filter level is exceeded.
The filter tubes are changed on the clean gas side.