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Jet filter PFD

Jet filter PFD

Filters of the type PFD are the preferred type for dedusting applications in all branches of industry.

The filter is divided into three sections:

1. Dust bin with screw (below dust bin).
2. Filtering bag housing.
3. Clean gas housing with valves, tubes, and electronics.

The uncleaned gas flows from the side into the filter’s raw gas area and is redirected over baffle plates. The largest part of the mass flow is separated out in the dust bin. The residual dust particles will collect on the filtering bag (pulled over supporting baskets).

The filtering bags are cleaned by applying compressed air through the diaphragm valves and lances.

A pressure difference sensor and an electronic timer ensure that the tubes will be cleaned only when a specified filter resistance has been exceeded.

The bags must be exchanged on the clean gas side.

Scavenging air filter PFR

Scavenging air filter PFR

Scavenging air filters include a secondary air purifier by means of a scavenging air fan. Filters of type PFR are universally applicable in all industrial areas.

The filter is divided into 3 sections:

1. Dust Hopper with built-in screw.
2. Filter bag housing.
3. Clean air housing with cleaning control.

The raw gas flows laterally into the raw gas channel of the filter and is diverted via baffle plates. In the dust bin, the bulk of the mass flow is deposited. The remaining dust-shaped portions rest against the inner walls of the filter bags. The filter bags are cleaned by a counter current scavenging using the pressure differential between the filter interior and the atmosphere. A filter chamber is permanently in the cleaning cycle. And this cycle is controlled by a continuous chain.

The filter bags must be exchanged on the clean gas side.

Special filters

Special filters

We offer numerous special filters, including aerosol filter. We are pleased to help you.